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Abingworth Stage

Early stage: Seed, Development stage, Clinical co-development

Abingworth Sectors

Life Sciences

Abingworth Investment range

$15m - $30m*


accuRx Stage

Venture Growth

accuRx Sectors


Active Partners

Active Partners Stage

Growth, minority or majority investments

Active Partners Sectors

Consumer, Consumer-tech

Active Partners Investment range

£3 - 15m

Advent Life Sciences

Advent Life Sciences Stage

Seed, Series A and beyond

Advent Life Sciences Sectors

Life Sciences: Therapeutics and Medtech

Alpina Partners

Alpina Partners Stage


Alpina Partners Sectors

Industrials, Software IT, Tech enabled businsess services

Amadeus Capital

Amadeus Capital Stage

Seed, Series A, Growth

Amadeus Capital Sectors

Agritech, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Fintech, Industry 4.0, Medtech, Urban Stack, Quantum Computing

Amadeus Capital Investment range

£500,000 - £5m

Atlantic Bridge

Atlantic Bridge Stage

Growth stage, Series B and beyond

Atlantic Bridge Sectors

Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Health, Industry 4.0, Network Security

Atlantic Bridge Investment range

€5m - €15m


Atomico Stage

Series A and beyond

Atomico Sectors

Sector agnostic

Balderton Capital

Balderton Capital Stage

Series A and beyond

Balderton Capital Sectors

Creative Entertainment, Efficient mobility, Enterprise Software, Data-Driven Health, Fintech, Future of Food, Retail, Security

Cambridge Innovation Capital

Cambridge Innovation Capital Stage

Series A

Cambridge Innovation Capital Sectors

Deep tech, Life Sciences


CloudNC Stage

Venture Growth

CloudNC Sectors


Connect Ventures

Connect Ventures Stage


Connect Ventures Sectors

B2B and Consumer Software

Connect Ventures Investment range

£750k - £2m

Crane Capital

Crane Capital Stage

Early stage

Crane Capital Sectors

Deeptech, Entreprise Software

Crane Capital Investment range

£1m to £3m


Dawn Stage

Series A and B

Dawn Sectors

B2B software: Data & Analytics, Fintech, Future of Work, Privacy & Security

Dawn Investment range

$3m - $25m

Dementia Discovery Fund

Dementia Discovery Fund Stage

Early stage focus, flexibiltiy to invest at Later stage

Dementia Discovery Fund Sectors

Therapeutics for all forms of dementias


Epsilogen Stage

Venture Growth

Epsilogen Sectors

Life Sciences

ETF Partners

ETF Partners Stage

Venture Growth: Series A and B

ETF Partners Sectors

Digital Sustainability: Energy Transition, Green Networks, Future Consumer, Mobility, Sustainable Food

ETF Partners Investment range



Eurazeo Stage


Eurazeo Sectors

B2B SaaS, Digital Health, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Software, Fintech

Eurazeo Investment range


Evolution Equity Partners

Evolution Equity Partners Stage

Early Growth and Growth

Evolution Equity Partners Sectors

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software

Evolution Equity Partners Investment range

$1m - $30m

FPE Capital

FPE Capital Stage

Growth stage, businesses at breakeven or beyond

FPE Capital Sectors

Software and Services

FPE Capital Investment range

£5 - 20m

Frog Capital

Frog Capital Stage

Series B, Series C and beyond

Frog Capital Sectors

Software including: Artifical Intelligence & Data Applications, Cloud Technology, Digital Health & Wellbeing, Enterprise SaaS, Hrtech, Fintech, Regtech

Frog Capital Investment range


Grey Wolf Therapeutics

Grey Wolf Therapeutics Stage


Grey Wolf Therapeutics Sectors

Life Sciences

Hoxton Ventures

Hoxton Ventures Stage

Early stage

Hoxton Ventures Sectors

Agonostic providing there is a tech component

Hoxton Ventures Investment range

$250m to $5m


Iceotope Stage

Venture Growth

Iceotope Sectors


IQ Capital

IQ Capital Stage

Seed and Series A

IQ Capital Sectors

Deeptech including: Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Fintech, Internet of Things, Performance engineering

IQ Capital Investment range

£300k to £5m


Kennett Stage


Kennett Sectors

B2B Software

Kennett Investment range

£7 - £25m


kester Stage


kester Sectors

Business & Financial Services, Healthcare, Specialist Consumer, TMT


Kindred Stage


Kindred Sectors

Technology driven companies

Kindred Investment range

£500k - £1.5m


Microbiotica Stage


Microbiotica Sectors

Life Sciences

Molten Ventures Plc

Molten Ventures Plc Stage

Series A and beyond

Molten Ventures Plc Sectors

Consumer technology, Digital Health & Wellness, Hardware & Deeptech, SaaS and Enterprise

Molten Ventures Plc Investment range

£5m - £50m

MVM Partners

MVM Partners Stage


MVM Partners Sectors

Healthcare including: Diagnostics, HIT and tech enabled services, Medical Devices, Pharma

Nauta Capital

Nauta Capital Stage

Late Seed and Series A

Nauta Capital Sectors

B2B SaaS, Deeptech applied to large enterprises, Vertically focused enterprise technology

Nauta Capital Investment range

€1 - €5m

Northern Gritstone

Northern Gritstone Stage


Northern Gritstone Sectors

Clean Tech, Software, Digital & Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, Materials, Manufacturing/Engineering, Life Sciences and Biosciences

Notion Capital

Notion Capital Stage


Notion Capital Sectors

Entreprise technology, SaaS

Notion Capital Investment range

£2 - £10m

Nucleome Therapeutics

Nucleome Therapeutics Stage


Nucleome Therapeutics Sectors

Life Sciences

OMass Therapeutics

OMass Therapeutics Stage

Venture Growth

OMass Therapeutics Sectors

Life Sciences

Oxford Quantum Circuits

Oxford Quantum Circuits Stage


Oxford Quantum Circuits Sectors



OXX Stage


OXX Sectors

B2B SaaS

OXX Investment range

$5 - 25m


Panoramic Stage


Panoramic Sectors

Agnostic with a focus on busienesses generating £1m+ of revenues

Panoramic Investment range

£1m - £5m


Paragraf Stage

Venture Growth

Paragraf Sectors



Partech Stage


Partech Sectors

Digital Technology

Partech Investment range

€20m - €70m

Passion Capital

Passion Capital Stage

Pre-seed and seed

Passion Capital Sectors

B2B and B2C Digital Technology

Passion Capital Investment range

£200, 000 - £500, 000


Perspectum Stage

Venture Growth

Perspectum Sectors

Life sciences


PragmatIC Stage

Venture growth

PragmatIC Sectors


Prime ventures

Prime ventures Stage


Prime ventures Sectors

B2B Software, Consumer, High-Tech

Prime ventures Investment range

€15 - 25m


Proximie Stage

Venture growth

Proximie Sectors

Life sciences


Quantexa Stage

Venture Growth

Quantexa Sectors


Quantum Motion

Quantum Motion Stage

Venture Growth

Quantum Motion Sectors



Quell Stage

Venture Growth

Quell Sectors

Life Sciences

Scottish Equity Partners

Scottish Equity Partners Stage

Growth stage

Scottish Equity Partners Sectors

Software, Consumer Internet, Tech-enabled services

Scottish Equity Partners Investment range

£10m - £25m


Seedcamp Stage

Pre-seed and seed

Seedcamp Sectors


Seedcamp Investment range

£200, 000 (pre-seed), up to £500, 000 at seed

SV health investors

SV health investors Stage

Early, with a focus on company creation*

SV health investors Sectors


*SV Health Incestors follow their companies and invest through their life cycles including through to clinical stage and IPO
**SV7 Impact Medicine Fund

Tenpoint Therapeutics

Tenpoint Therapeutics Stage


Thought Machine

Thought Machine Stage

Venture Growth

Thought Machine Sectors


UCL technology fund

UCL technology fund Stage


UCL technology fund Sectors

Life sciences, physical sciences, engineering

UCL technology fund Investment range

£100,000 - £6m


Ultraleap Stage

Venture Growth

Ultraleap Sectors



Westbridge Stage

Small cap private equity, buy and builds

Westbridge Sectors

B2B and technology enabled companies

Westbridge Investment range

£10m - £15m

Sorry, no results match your filtered criteria.

The information has been supplied by each fund manager or company. British Patient Capital makes no warranties or representations of any kind as to the accuracy, currency, or completeness of any such data or information. The information is for information only.

In cases where fund managers have different strategies for different funds, the information refers to the funds to which British Patient Capital has made commitments.

The investment range for funds typically refers to the amount at first investment, not the full amount that may be invested through further funding rounds, or by other investors that may join in a funding round.

For full information see the website terms and conditions.

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