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Fund manager: Atomico

accuRx is on a mission to improve communication in healthcare, giving everyone involved in a patient’s care the ability to easily communicate with each other.

At present, the NHS and health systems around the world are in a constant struggle to improve coordination of care and help patients stay healthy or manage their long-term conditions, manage costs and improve outcomes.

accuRx is tackling this issue. Since raising a Series A funding round led by Atomico in 2019, the company has built out its core SMS messaging platform, where 30 million individual patients, over half the population in England, have received messages sent using accuRx software. Each week, over 2 million messages are sent using its software, joining patients and the professionals that care for them. The accuRx team has grown from eight to 80, and the percentage of female employees increased from 25% to 55%.

The platform was the first ‘bottom up’ freemium model seen in the NHS and pre-pandemic it was already used by 50% of GP practices. After building video into its platform in a single weekend at the start of the pandemic, it has now reached 99% of those practices.

In November 2019, GPs were told they would be delivering a major tranche of the vaccine programme but were worried that outdated booking software in their practices would massively slow them down or make their rollout impossible. accuRx stepped up and by December had rolled out accuBook, a service to invite patients via SMS to self-book their appointments. Of the first 33 million vaccinations delivered in England, 11 million were booked via accuRx.

In September 2021, accuRx raised a £27.5m Series B round with participation from British Patient Capital as part of our long-term co-investment strategy.

Future plans for accuRx will see the company focus on the growth of the team, enhance its offering to GP practices and build products that will enable expansion into secondary care.