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Ori Biotech

Fund managers: Amadeus Capital, Kindred Capital

Ori Biotech’s mission is to eliminate barriers to patient access of cell and gene therapies (CGTs) through the use of innovation and by rethinking how those therapies are manufactured.

The company is developing a platform for the bespoke and flexible manufacture of CGTs and is deploying both automation and standardisation in manufacturing to help the pharma industry bring their products to market at true commercial scale. The company has partnered with Hitachi Chemical and G-con for development of its hardware platform, as well as Achilles Therapeutics for testing of the platform for manufacturing of a novel cell therapy.

Ori Biotech’s platform will help increase throughput, improve quality and decrease costs in order to enable widespread patient access to life-saving cell and gene therapies. At present, these types of therapies are prohibitively expensive for both payers and healthcare systems.

Investment from Amadeus Capital and Kindred Capital in January 2020 enabled Ori Biotech to move product development further and faster than the company could have done on its own. The company has since raised a $30m in an October 2020 Series A round, followed by a further $100m in a Series B round in January 2022.