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Our strategy

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Our approach

British Patient Capital invests in a diversified portfolio of best-in-class venture and growth capital funds, capturing value through financing the growth of innovative companies. We invest on a commercial basis to deliver competitive returns and manage risk.

We manage a £2.5bn investment programme designed to unlock an additional £5bn of institutional capital to support UK businesses with high growth potential to access the long-term financing they need to scale up.

As well as providing our own funding we work to encourage more investors to make allocations to this asset class by demonstrating that a long-term patient capital investment strategy can produce commercially attractive returns.

Once we’ve established a strong record, and have proved the value of the asset class, we intend to privatise British Patient Capital at an appropriate time in the future.

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The impact of Covid-19

As we adapt to the impact of Covid-19, breakthrough innovations based on digitisation, deep technology and life sciences are set to create a wave of transformative, high-growth companies.

With many world-class universities, a strong track record in science and research, and a technology sector now regularly producing global champions, the UK is well positioned to be a leader of this wave.

With £1.5bn* still be to be deployed, it’s the long-term patient capital that we, and others provide, that will fuel innovation, and power economic growth.

*As at 31 March 2020