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British Patient Capital response to the launch of the Invest in Women Taskforce

Insights 18 March 2024

Christine Hockley, Managing Director, Funds, at British Patient Capital, said in response to the launch of the ‘Invest in Women Taskforce’

British Patient Capital was one of the first Limited Partners to sign the Investing in Women Code, committing to supporting the advancement of female entrepreneurship in the UK. Our investments have already backed some of the most innovative businesses of today – from health tech platform Proximie, led by NHS-surgeon Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, to Oxford Quantum Circuits, led by Dr Ilana Wisby.

The new Taskforce, with a renewed focus on funding, aligns with our own efforts to empower female entrepreneurs through our portfolio, and via our collaboration with the wider Venture Capital ecosystem – which is where a lot of the change needs to happen.

The reality is that male-owned VC funds receive approximately 10 times more LP capital than female-owned funds, and less than a quarter of senior roles at VC firms are held by women. This gender disparity at the fund level sets off a chain reaction, with female-led start-ups less likely to receive funding. So, while I am proud of the 250 firms that have already signed the Investing in Women Code, there is much more to do to drive change. We look forward to collaborating with the Invest in Women Taskforce to ensure this change continues to happen, and unlock the full potential of the UK’s female entrepreneurs.

Christine Hockley Managing Director, Funds, at British Patient Capital