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British Patient Capital announces £25m commitment to Oxx II

Press release 29 November 2023

British Patient Capital announces today a £25m commitment to the second fund by Oxx, a specialist investor in European B2B SaaS companies at the scale-up stage.

The firm invests in companies that have reached product-market fit, and helps them navigate the go-to-market stage to unlock the next phase of their growth.

Oxx’s existing portfolio includes Funnel, a B2B SaaS company that automates the collection and enrichment of marketing data; Goodlord, a digital property lettings management platform, and Gravitee, an open source API platform that gives businesses unprecedented control and visibility over their entire API ecosystem.

The investment follows a previous cornerstone commitment by British Patient Capital to Oxx I in 2018.

We are pleased to extend our relationship with Oxx, whose focus on investing in established software companies closely aligns with our objective of increasing access to growth capital for scaling companies. The Oxx team’s deep sector knowledge and operational expertise in software makes them very well-positioned to identify and partner with the UK’s most promising SaaS companies.

Catherine Lewis La Torre CEO, British Patient Capital

We invest with evidence-based, absolute conviction in companies with strong fundamentals, where we can generate sustainable, capital efficient and consistent growth. In this challenging market, we are thrilled to have raised a fund that comfortably enables us to action this strategy in supporting promising European scaleups during the next stage of their growth journeys. The trust shown by both returning and new LPs is a testament to our highly selective and hype-resistant approach resonating with the wider community, and proves that our commitment to maintain a strong LP/GP relationship is valued by our stakeholders.

Richard Anton General Partner, Oxx

The SaaS industry has undergone a seismic shift over the past decades. Technological development has pushed innovation through various paradigms – from on-premise, to cloud, to a hybrid model. We are now at an inflection point, entering the early innings of the AI paradigm of SaaS. AI is not merely hype, it is the technological driver underpinning a structural shift and spurring another tidal wave of innovation, driving migration from incumbent legacy systems and applications. Therefore the software industry and SaaS as a business model will continue to have a foundational impact in the future. With this fund, we are solidifying Oxx as a partner and producer of standout SaaS companies for the long term.

Mikael Johnsson General Partner, Oxx

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About British Patient Capital

British Patient Capital Limited is a wholly owned commercial subsidiary of British Business Bank plc, the UK government’s economic development bank. Its mission is to enable long-term investment in innovative firms led by ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build large-scale businesses. Launched in June 2018, British Patient Capital has more than £3bn of assets under management, investing in venture and venture growth capital to support high growth potential innovative UK businesses in accessing the long-term financing they require to scale up. Find out more about British Patient Capital.

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The transaction described above does not constitute or imply any endorsement, warranty or recommendation by the UK government, the British Business Bank plc, its subsidiaries or any other party in respect of Oxx or its products or services.

About Oxx

Oxx partners with the most promising European B2B software companies at the scale-up stage. As a specialist SaaS investor, Oxx provides each entrepreneur with a support system of unique specialist expertise and network, and a culture of unfaltering partnership and absolute conviction. The firm’s strategy is built around the concept of “Go-To-Market Fit”, developing a structure for thinking about how to build a repeatable, sustainable growth engine that accelerates and propels the growth of SaaS companies.

Born out of a shared passion to back the next generation of SaaS leaders, Oxx was founded by Richard Anton and Mikael Johnsson in 2017. Headquartered in London and Stockholm, the firm’s funds are backed by leading investors, including British Patient Capital, Pool Re, Saminvest, KfW, Argentum, OurCrowd and a number of other institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals.

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