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Core Programme

We seek best-in-class fund managers with a UK focus.

We look to build long-term relationships. When working with emerging managers, we seek out those with the long-term vision and potential to raise successor funds.

Through our investments we enable the best managers to execute their planned strategy more effectively, and often to a greater scale. We achieve this by making a cornerstone commitment to enable a first close, or by boosting a fund to achieve optimal size.

While we invest in both venture and venture growth funds, our focus is on the venture growth stage.  We will continue to make some investments to funds focused at the earlier stage, but these are to help build a pipeline of later-stage investment opportunities.

Through our long-term co-investment strategy, we also invest directly, alongside our fund managers, in the most promising later-stage companies in our underlying portfolio.

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Target investments

  • Venture and venture growth funds
  • Fixed term funds or evergreen structures
  • UK-centric pursuing domestic, pan-European or global investment strategies
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What we look for

  • Compelling and commercial investment strategy
  • Strong and capable management team with a verifiable track record
  • Proposals targeting a minimum fund size of £50m
  • Opportunity to unlock additional, or invest alongside private sector capital, so that a multiple of our investment is invested into UK-based companies

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For further information, please see our Request for Proposals.

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